The Alex Project

vanop20001Our current club project is to investigate and map this often dived wreck in Weymouth Bay. Largely overlooked by divers heading round the Bill to Lyme bay and the big intact wrecks there, this 6000 ton steamship is often relegated to the status of a backup dive.

She has the honour of being recorded as one of the first casualties of the second world war, being sunk just two weeks after the start of hostilies on 15th September 1939.

Alex September '08 Expedition

September 2008 Alex van Opstal expedition team photo

The Target: Simple really - finally figure out where the various chunks of the wreck are with respect to one another and make a very crude map of the site to guide us when looking to prduce a more detailed map later on in the project....If only it were that simple....

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Alex van Opstal Resources

Various useful resources including the report on the sinking, engineers' drawings, plus our own sidescan image and sketch.

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The Alex Today (June 2008)

So far this year we've dived the Alex twice and found two different views of the wreck. On the first dive we found the main section of the ship from just behind the number 2 hold to the engin rooms. Lots of wreckage was dotted about there.

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Weymouth Week Expedition Report

At the end of this year's 'week in Weymouth' event we had one dive on the Alex - in amazing visibility and totally slack conditions. For once we could really see what was going on and get a better picture of the wreck site and it's surroundings.

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Alex Expedition Plans

A table showing ideal slack times on the Alex across a range of weekends

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Statistics on the Alex van Opstal

A hold full of statistics about the Alex van Opstal, from code letters to dimensions...

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Alex Expeditions Summary

A summary of the results from various expeditions, and links to some resources.

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The Alex Project - Introduction

Our current club project is to investigate and map this often dived wreck in Weymouth Bay.

Read more: The Alex Project - Introduction

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