Our New Hardboat is here!

We have now taken delivery of our new dive boat, an as-yet unnamed Procharter P3 with a 320 bhp diesel engine. This boat has only done 200 hours since it was built in 2006 and has been out of the water for some time. It needs a bit of a clean (as you can see in these photos) but that aside it looks virtually brand new.


There is still much to be done to get this boat ready for the 2012 dive season. A quick list would include cleaning, fabrication of a ladder and bottle rack, cutting a gate in the side and installing a toilet on the deck. It will take more hard work but the hard part has been done!

So with that in mind we should all say a big ‘thank you’ to those who have worked tirelessly to make this boat purchase a reality, that is: every single person who donated or leant money to the club; all those who helped with fundraising; and most of all the men who did the legwork, our boat officer John Waterhouse and new chairman Andy White. If you would like to show your thanks to them I’m sure they can find you a job to do!

Watch This Space

Further announcements will be made as the boat progresses to readiness for diving. We expect to have her in the water before too long and will update the website/facebook etc as we go.

We plan to make the boat available for club divers across the region – not just Oxford. However, if you are an interested diver in the area you will get priority by joining our diving club. Other clubs who are interested should contact us to see when they might be able to use the boat.