BSAC Southern Region

The Southern Region is made up of dozens of active diving clubs. Individual clubs have a lot going for them, but as a region there is so much more. Many training events (especially more specialist and advanced) take place at a regional level. This not only ensures a high standard but means courses run more often than would be possible if only based on the demand at the individual clubs.

Details of how to contact individual branches are being gathered and updated. There is a page on (link below) but it is out of date – still worth checking, but be aware that you may have more luck in finding a club by other means! A Google search for the BSAC club in your area might be successful. Failing all else  hundreds of divers from the region are members of a Facebook group and will be more than happy to suggest clubs if you ask them. See the link below.

Find a southern club on (information may be out-of-date)

South Coast clubs have started a new website to help them collaborate:

Facebook: BSAC Southern Region (very active group)