UK Diving


The British Isles has some truly world-class diving destinations. Our shores encompass rich marine biodiversity, a huge variety of interesting topography and masses of history. We have wrecks galore, and most of them are also covered in interesting marine life. There are thousands of miles of coastline, with hundreds of known dive sites and many more just waiting to be discovered. Whatever kind of diving you are interested in, the UK has it: from Scapa Flow – with the wrecks of the German First World War fleet – in the Orkneys, to basking and blue sharks off Land’s End in the far south-west, seals in the Farne Islands or Lundy and a multitude of wrecks along the south coast of England. There are inland dive sites – flooded quarries filled with ‘attractions’ which are perfect for training or brushing up on skills. Similar (yet more adventurous) are Scottish sea lochs with their own special ecosystems. Every country in the British Isles has something to offer. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch now and start your diving adventure!

For a taster of what you can expect to see, BSAC has an introductory guide to some of the best sites.


Diving in a drysuit is considered essential by most UK divers. This is mainly for comfort – it is possible to use a thick wetsuit and in summer this is sufficient in-water. But once out of the water wetsuit divers begin to cool-down rather rapidly. So we recommend drysuits and for that reason, we offer training in how to use one. You can also read what BSAC have to say about it here.

Thousands of UK divers

Our club has dozens of them and we are not alone! Come and be persuaded by some of the friendliest, most passionate people you could care to meet. Come diving with us!