I trained with a different organisation (e.g. PADI). Can I join Oxford BSAC?

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Answer: YES.

Divers who have trained with any agency can join our club – we welcome you to! BSAC recognises diver training by most organisations, whether recreational, commercial or military. It doesn’t matter who you trained with, if you’ve never dived in the UK before or if you haven’t dived for a few seasons.

Will I have to do additional training?

The short answer is no.

The long answer – you will not be required to do additional training in order to dive, although depending on your qualification and experience we may recommend some things which will make your diving in the UK safer, more comfortable and more enjoyable. For instance, if you have never dived in cold water before you are likely to want to do a drysuit course (see below).

We’ve reproduced this handy table which lets you see what grade you will be transferred to within the BSAC system.

Whether you’ve trained abroad and want to try UK diving or paid to learn but now want some buddies to go diving with there are plenty of reasons to join our club.

Free drysuit training

As we do not charge for training itself (only training packs) this is something you would effectively get for free – meaning your first year’s membership more-or-less pays for itself. The only cost would be if you feel you need a qualification card to prove you have completed the course (but it is not compulsorary). Drysuits make UK year-round diving a possibility and increase comfort and dive times even in the warmer months of the year. Ask about the course when you enquire about joining.


Read the personal account of one member who initially trained with PADI, crossed-over to BSAC and is now a happy member of our club.

Information for Instructors joining from other agencies.