Membership Fees

Dolphins in the Red Sea

direct-debitWe offer existing members (second year onwards) the option of paying their fees by direct debit. This spreads payments over the year and can reduce the cost to a one-off payment of around £82.50 followed by monthly payments of £20*. We think this is very good value considering all the benefits of joining our club.

While we don’t charge people for training, the major cost involved in being a member of the branch is likely to be your annual membership fees. These fees go towards the costs of keeping the branch running. They include the cost of the clubhouse, the replacement cost and repairs of our equipment, along with the fixed costs of keeping our boat seaworthy and moored.

Please note these fees are reviewed and new ones are set on a yearly basis. Please confirm current fees with the Records and Membership Officer when you join.

There are three general categories of membership, these are Diving, Snorkelling and Non-Diving:


Fees for diving members (and that is most of us) generally include membership of the BSAC.

 Branch Fees + HQ Fees + Training PackTotal Cost
New adult member joining to start their Ocean Diver Course(£240 + £62.50 + £210.50)£513 
New junior member joining to start their Ocean Diver Course(£75 + £33 + £201.50)£309.50 
Rejoining adult member (up to and including Dive Leader)(£240 + £62.50) £302.50 
Rejoining junior member (£75 + £33) £108

If you are starting your diver training, then the bundle price of £513 includes membership of the branch and national organisation along with your training materials, use of club equipment, entry to the pool for training and unlimited air for the duration of your course, plus two days diving from our boat.

Junior members are those under 18 years of age.

There are also reduced cost memberships for people living at the same address as another member and those who are already members of BSAC either directly or through another branch or school.

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Fees for snorkelling members also include membership of the BSAC national organisation.

Junior Snorkeling members (children under the age of 18 years) pay a £41, per year excluding training packs.

Adult members (anyone over 18 years) pay £136, excluding training packs.

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While we don’t have any specific “Social” membership categories we do have two non-diving membership categories:

  • Family Member: Non-diving relations of an existing diving or snorkel diving member;
  • Ex-Diving Member: Those who no longer wish to dive, but still wish to keep links to the branch. (Ex-Diving Membership is by committee approval only).

Both of these are members of Oxford Branch only and are not members of BSAC. Fees for all non-diving members are £66 per year.

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More information

For more information on all types of membership contact the Records and Membership Officer.


* Your Annual Fee includes a fee payable to BSAC HQ (see table above for current rate). Re-joining members can split the remaining amount paid to the branch over 12 months by direct debit. So for example: renewing (2nd year onwards) adult Unqualified members, Ocean/Sports Divers or Dive Leaders pay £62.50 + £20 (i.e. £240 divided by 12) = £82.50 for the first month, then £20 per month for the remaining 11 months.

Prices correct as of 1st January 2023.