Give Diving a Try in Our Pool

Try diver in the pool
Come and have a try dive with Oxford BSAC

Want to try diving?

We hold try dives most weeks at our regular training pool at Radley College Sports Centre. Almost anyone over the age of 12 can do a Try Dive. It gives you the chance to sample an exciting sport and to gain an insight into the fascinating world beneath the waves. Each try dive session is about one hour in duration, including poolside tuition on diving techniques and equipment. This is followed by a scuba dive in the pool with a BSAC qualified instructor. After try dives we usually return to our clubhouse (in Hinksey Park, Lake Street, Oxford) to relax and chat about your first dive.

Like to Try?Contact our Try Dive Coordinator Now

What do I need to do a Try Dive?

  • You need to be at least 12 years old to do a try dive. If you want to go on and become a diving member of our club you need to be at least 18, or have a family member who is a member (you can join together).
  • You need to have no known significant medical problems (especially heart conditions, serious ear or sinus problems, lung damage, asthma, fits or epilepsy). If you have any questions about medical restrictions, contact our Diving Officer.
  • Bring an old t-shirt to wear in water, as it helps stop the kit straps from rubbing.
  • We can lend you all the kit you’ll need. If you have your own mask and fins already, feel free to bring them.
  • And…a sense of adventure!
  • Check out this form – it will tell you a little more Try Dive declaration and booking form (PDF)

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Give Someone a Try-Dive as a Present?

Yes, we can organise a try dive for a birthday, Christmas, thank-you, congratulations or whatever the occasion may be. Contact our Try Dive Coordinator now

We are also open to other clubs and organisations in the area, which want to try something different for an evening. For more information simply contact the Club Secretary. 


What comes next?

A try dive can help you save time and money by finding out in advance if you like diving. In the equivalent of 4-6 days continuous training, you could be a BSAC Ocean Diver. This scuba qualification will enable you to witness first-hand the wonders of coral reefs, the host of marine life that they support, shipwrecks and a lot more.

Like to Try?

Contact our Try Dive Coordinator now