Dive Locations

Porthkerris beach in Cornwall – early-season diving

South Coast

We dive in quite a few different places. A lot of our diving centres on Weymouth, as that is where our boat Endeavour is moored. But we have quite a wide range and many dive sites available to us there. In recent years we have also taken Endeavour ‘away’ for week-long trips to other south-coast diving destinations. These include the Isle of Wight, Salcombe and Plymouth.


But we also go further afield and rely on charter boats – in Scotland and Cornwall for instance. A good way to get a feel for the kind of locations we run trips to is to look at the galleries which have been posted on the website, and on our Facebook page.


Most of our diving is in the UK – it is what we train for and there are some great sites out there just waiting for us. Some years, a member will organise an overseas trip, particularly to the Red Sea (you will find a few galleries from there too). We do all dive overseas, just not always on a big trip together!