Our Boat


In 2012 we purchased a Procharter P3, fitted her out for diving and had a competition to pick a name for her. The ultimate winner, with both nautical pedigree and Oxford connections, was Endeavour. She is a stable hard boat, with a 320 bhp stern drive. She accommodates up to twelve divers (that’s what we are insured for). There is room on deck for all divers to kit up simultaneously (just about). Entrance to the water is via a cut-out in the gunnel on the starboard side – the water is merely inches below deck level. We re-enter via a sturdy ladder.

For our comfort, there is a full heads (toilet) cubicle on deck. The cabin has seating for three and standing room for several more, plus a dry area. We have a water heater so can even make tea, coffee, pot noodles etc between dives.

Move to Plymouth

We have historically (last 30 years or so) kept a hard boat in Weymouth, Dorset. This was partly to do with it being the nearest place to Oxford and also because it has a decent variety of diving. But in 2017 we decided to have a change and move to Plymouth in search of more consistent visibility, new dives sites and a change of scenery. So our boat is now moored at Plymouth Yacht Haven Marina. There’s also a gallery of underwater photos from various Plymouth trips.

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