Training Officer

Ian Woods

Open Water Instructor

Branch Member since 2014(?)

Primary Tasks

  • to Organise Lectures i.e. Set dates and arrange suitable instructors to do each lecture.
  • organise Pool Training i.e. Set dates and arrange suitable instructors.
  • keep a record of each student’s progress on lectures and pool training.
  • arrange dates for SDC training i.e. Dry-Suit training with a suitable Instructor.
  • arrange One-2-One tuition for students with issues with a suitable Instructor.
  • arrange Exams when students are ready.
  • To organize open water training throughout the year.
  • To maintain a record of completed open water exercises.
  • To organize open water elements of club based Skill Development courses.

Secondary Tasks

  • To organize diving expeditions suitable for a range of diving grades throughout the diving season and provide a route for divers to gain experience.
  • Accountabilities and Working Relationships
  • Appointed by the new Diving Officer following the AGM.
  • If Training Officers are not appointed then the role defaults to the Diving Officer.
  • Accountable to the Diving Officer for Pool and Theory and Open Water Diving Training.
  • Must work in cooperation with the Diving Officer, Projects/Expedition Officers, Equipment Officer and Dive Managers.
  • Accountable to the Treasurer for financial aspect relating to pool, theory and open water training.
  • Must work in cooperation with the General Committee.