Oxford New Year's Day Dive 2016

Andy Pickering

Dive Leader

Branch Member since 2017

Primary Tasks

  • Receive and process all transactions for all of the clubs Bank Accounts.
  • Ensure any club members who have invested their own money on an essential club item are promptly reimbursed.
  • Maintain a record of all transactions to allow easy visibility of expenditure.
  • Produce and present an Accounts Summary to the committee at each monthly meeting and to display Summary on the club board after the meeting.
  • Discuss any budgeting and large expenditure issues with the committee members to ensure expenditure remains within budget.
  • Ensure the list of authorised signatories is maintained.
  • Liaise with Bar Manager and Equipment Officer to ensure any cash surplus to float is regularly removed and banked so large amounts of cash are not left in the clubhouse overnight.
  • At year-end undertake a stock count of consumables, i.e. bar stock, membership material etc.
  • Note all cash amounts held as floats.
  • Present to the A.G.M the annual accounts together with a report on same.

Accountabilities and Working Relationships

  • Appointed from nominations (and election if contested) by the full diving membership at the AGM.
  • Reports to the Annual General Meeting on all financial aspects relating to the Branch.
  • Accountable to the General Committee for all financial matters within the Branch.
  • Cooperate with the Membership Secretary.
  • Cooperate with the Branch Officers and General Committee.