Inland Diver Training Sites

We train our divers in a variety of underwater environments, to suit the variety of conditions to be found in UK waters (and in diving abroad). It is possible to do all your open water training at an inland site – but that just wouldn’t be British …or representative of the conditions in the sea! They do have their uses though, so we have detailed some of them here. Initial training for novices takes place in the swimming pool.

Inland Sites

We use several different inland sites for open water training. These are typically old quarries and provide a good controlled environment in which to build up experience. They are also useful when the conditions make diving in the sea inadvisable. The below guide can be used to compare the UK inland sites we use:

Stoney Cove inland dive site logoStoney Cove National Dive Centre (NDC)

Sapcote Road, Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire, LE9 4DW

Entrance cost: £17 (£11 if you buy their membership card)

  • stoney-nautilusUp to 35m depth with large areas at 6m and 22m.
  • Some easy parking, although it is difficult to get a spot next to the water (arrive around 2 hours before opening time during the summer!). It does get very busy.
  • Shop – well-stocked with some good value to be found, on two levels
  • Pub (serving food)
  • Takeaway (for burgers, baps, teas etc.)
  • Changing rooms with showers and toilets
  • Air Fills
  • Map of underwater attractions
  • website

Chepstow inland dive site logo

Chepstow NDC

National Diving & Activity Centre, Tidenham, Chepstow, Gloucestershire, NP16 7LH

Entrance cost: £15 (£10 if you buy their membership card)

  • Up to 70m depth (with a freediving platform). Large areas at 10m and 25m.
  • Friendly and helpfulchepstow-saracen2
  • Minibuses ferry divers and gear to and from the quarry edge from the car park – so there’s not much advantage to arriving early. Expansive pontoon for choosing the best water entry point for your dive.
  • Shop – not huge but has essentials you may need on the day
  • Takeaway – although reported to be opening a new cafe in 2011
  • Air Fills
  • Changing rooms with showers and toilets
  • Wigwam accommodation – new for 2011. Should be low-cost (check their website for more details)
  • Map of underwater attractions
  • website

Vobster Quay inland dive site logoVobster Quay Inland Diving

Upper Vobster, Mells, Somerset, BA3 5SA

Entrance cost: £16 (£11 for their members)

  • Max depth 40m with an area around 12m. No shallow platform as such.
  • Parking very near the water’s edgevobster-aircraft
  • Small-ish shop with some expensive equipment
  • Changing rooms with lovely showers and toilets
  • Air Fills
  • map of underwater attractions
  • website

wraysbury inland dive site logoWraysbury Dive Centre

Station Road, Wraysbury, Middlesex, TW19 5ND

Entrance cost: £9

  • Shallow – max depth 10m? mostly just 8m to the silty bottom
  • Park very close to water’s edge
  • Air Fills
  • Small shop
  • Changing rooms with showers and toilets
  • No underwater map provided on their website, or photos of underwater conditions.
  • website

But don’t forget…

We don’t do all our training at these places – we use the sea as well! So when you are qualified with BSAC you should be ready to dive in the sea, in the UK, with the club and beyond, and with a strong support network behind you at all times.

Why not join us today?