Do you teach children to dive?

As we are not in the business of making a profit, so we only take on children to learn to dive when we feel they are mature and able enough to cope with the mental and physical demands of the sport.


Diver training for teenagers

As a club, we have set the starting age for scuba training at a minimum of 14, although we are happier to train 16-year-olds. Nationally BSAC sets the starting age at 12.

That said, we assess suitability on a person-by-person basis, so please enquire if you think your children are responsible enough – it doesn’t hurt to ask. It certainly helps where parents are club members and are on-hand to oversee their children.

Please bear in mind that we have everyone’s safety in mind – diving is an adventurous sport.


Anyone over the age of six can learn to snorkel and it is a good way to get comfortable in the water before taking up scuba training, whatever age your children (or you) are. Children should be able to swim 100m. For many kids, this is a more appropriate introduction to the underwater world before deciding to progress to scuba training.

More details about snorkelling and the courses we run can be found in the snorkelling section of the website.

snorkelers in the pool