Can I join you on a trip?

We allow members of other BSAC branches (and BSAC Direct) to dive from our boats. 

Have a look at the calendar and see if there is anything you’d like to do.

If you aren’t a BSAC member you will have to join either:

If you are a qualified diver you will not be obliged to do any additional training with BSAC (although you can if you wish to and depending on your experience and qualification level it could limit what dives you are able to do).

If you have seen something on the calendar or the forthcoming trips pages that you are interested in coming along to then please get in touch as early as possible to try and secure a place. We often have spare spaces on our hard boat Endeavour so it is still worth getting in touch last-minute too.

Who to contact:

Use the following links to contact a member of the branch (any form should do, but as we are all volunteers and people do have holidays it is worth trying a couple if you get no response first time around):

Diving Officer

General Enquiries