Advanced Snorkel Diver Course

Advanced Snorkel Diver Course

This course follows after the Dolphin snorkeller and snorkel diver course. It comprises of four theory lessons, a theory assessment as well as one dry practical lesson and 5 practical lessons.

Six open water qualifying dives need to be completed from at least three different sites and on at least three different dates. Each snorkel dive needs to be a minimum duration of 20 minutes in the water.

Snorkel dives should show experience of any four of the following:

  • Shore dive
  • Night Dive
  • Large boat dive
  • Fresh water dive
  • RIB/small boat dive
  • Moving water dive
  • Sea water dive
  • Cold water (less than 10 degrees)
  • Search and recovery

On completion of the course, together with the snorkel lifesaver skill development course, the instructor will inform HQ and a certificate and cloth badge will be presented to the student.

Students will need to purchase the advanced snorkel diver manual which is £5.00