Essential kit list for open water snorkelling

This list is an essential guideline for those going open water snorkelling. Oxford BSAC provides life jackets for boat trips and snorkel vests.

  • Basic equipment – mask, fins and snorkel.
  • Wet-suit, gloves and hood
  • Weight belt and sufficient weights
  • Dive boots or pair of flip flops/plastic clogs/boat shoes for walking to and from waters edge.
  • Black bin liner ( for bringing home damp wet suit, towels etc)
  • Ground sheet to keep equipment off sand or pebbles.
  • 2 towels
  • Warm coat (it gets cold on the boat on the way back)
  • Flask of hot drink
  • Food, as much as required.
  • Head protection if sunny
  • Sun block

This is only a rough guide and you can bring whatever you want, BUT it’s your responsibility and you will be the one carrying it.

Essential Snorkeling Kit List
You can also download and print this list, to make it a bit easier to remember everything.