Extraordinary General Meeting Report

New General Committee Members plus the future of Gemini & Membership FeesKathy Fletcher

In the end, there was no vote for the General Committee Member posts, as in the week before the EGM, Dennis Savory submitted his resignation from the second GCM post. So congratulations to both Alex Gibson and Kathy Fletcher who take on the posts of General Committee Members.

The future of Gemini was the main topic of discussion for the evening, with clarification over the sale and moorings being sought by the new Committee.The members unanimously agreed that the committee should continue to find a buyer for Gemini and that if one is found, a further EGM should be called to approve the sale.


As for moorings, the Committee was asked to once again look into alternatives. A decision on this is not needed immediately as we have the Weymouth mooring until April.
To finish off the evening, the new membership fees for 2011 were presented by Brian Hallett. The Committee has decided to partly subsidise the cost of the clubhouse rent from existing funds for this year, which means that diving membership fees for most of us will be under £200. Non-diving fees are set at £50 for the year.


A full list of fees is available on the Branch Website.


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