Royal Navy Presentation

Royal-Navy-presentation-3thOn Thursday 28th July the Royal Navy came to visit us at Oxford BSAC to give us a talk on what the Navy do.

The evening consisted of a fast action film presentation intermingled with facts and figures given by 4 members of the Royal Navy and Marines. It was very interesting and I think we all learnt a lot about the Navy by the end of the evening.

Oxford BSAC is lucky enough to have a clubhouse which is used for lectures, pre-dive meetings, social nights and equipment storage including our own compressor, but the clubhouse costs us quite a bit to rent each year.

This year we have decided to hold talks and informative lectures open to the general public, to raise money to help pay the rent. The Royal Navy presentation was the first of many in the pipeline.

Up and coming presentations are

  • Shark tagging and conservation talk on Thursday 25th August
  • Police Divers presentation on Thursday 29th September.