BSAC New Snorkeling Courses Update

BSAC is set to launch its updated Snorkel Training Programme for branches.

Bringing all the training materials up-to-date, with new training packs, Instructor Manual and resources, the BSAC Snorkel Training Programme will enable even more of our clubs to provide snorkel training and bring more young people and families into BSAC.

The new Snorkel Training Programme materials have been written and are now with BSAC HQ who are finalising the production. A new design style is taking shape for snorkeling and will run through all of the new materials.

Further to the new Snorkel Training Programme materials, we are also revamping other promotional materials for snorkeling clubs including posters, training progression charts, leaflets and banners, all of which will be free of charge for our branches to promote their snorkelling activities.

The launch date is set for late October 2011.

If you have any thoughts or ideas on how we can further improve BSAC snorkeling for members generally please do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Please also keep us posted with your news and stories. We can publish them on the BSAC Snorkeling Facebook Page, on, in the email newsletter ‘Talk’ and in the brand new BSAC magazine, SCUBA.

Further information on the new training programme including ‘Questions and Answers’, can be found at

Please send your news and any feedback at all regarding BSAC snorkeling to


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