Grand opening of the Hinksey Clubhouse

The event was attended by the BSAC National Diving Officer, Lizzie Bird and the Lord Mayor of Oxford, Pat Stannard who performed the opening ceremony along with the Oxford BSAC Chairman Richard Johnson.

A Brief History behind our move to Hinksey Park

Oxford Branch had been based in Temple Cowley in a converted prefabricated clubhouse and a set of old air-raid shelters next to the Swimming Pool for a number of decades. The story of the construction of the clubhouse at Temple Cowley is a separate saga best left to those few remaining people who were involved.

However in the Summer of 2003 we were informed that we would need to vacate our premises by the local Council and were offered the use of half of the derelict and unused changing rooms next to the open-air pool in Hinksey Park.

The Grand Opening

Following an intensive winter, refurbishing the new building, moving the club and demolishing the old clubhouse at Temple Cowley we were in a position to hold a Grand Opening of our new premises on 1st May 2004.


The ceremony was followed by a dive in Hinksey Lake and participation in the opening of Hinksey Swimming Pool for the summer season with free Try-a-Dives for the general public.