Pirate Day 2011

Divers and snorkelers from the club were more than happy to help out when asked by eighteenth century re-enacters who were putting on a Charity Pirate Day at the Swan Hotel in Radcote, Oxfordshire.

Divers were tasked with checking the riverbed for anything which would make walking the plank dangerous, finding a few bits of glass and some crayfish but little else. With little depth near the river banks, club member Andy White rushed home to pick up some scaffolding (he has that kind of thing kicking about) to build an extended platform. Not very eighteenth century but it looked great!

It took a while for anyone to ‘man up’ and rise to the pirates’ challenge of walking the plank, but eventually plenty did – and then the pirates turned on each other. During the event snorkelers were on hand in case anyone needed help in the water, which thankfully they didn’t.

This was another fun day helping out in the community – thanks go to all who helped out.