London International Dive Show 2012

In an effort to get clubs in BSAC’s Southern Region to talk to eachother and maybe collaborate a bit more we held a stand at the London International Dive Show 2012. As part of the British Isles Experience we were round the corner from all the other BSAC pods, but next to the bar and a try-dive pool, so we had a lot of interest:

  • divers wanting to join clubs all over the region (and beyond) – we gave contact details of clubs if we had them 
  • clubs wanting to talk about issues they were facing
  • people wanting to share good ideas

This is one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had so far with our club. I think we genuinely helped some people, and picked up lots of good ideas ourselves. We might pick up a few new members because of it (which is always nice) but I think a lot of clubs in the region will too, and that can’t be bad.

Thanks to Terry from Southampton Solent Uni SAC for helping on Saturday and all the members of Oxford branch who did stints over the weekend. We all thought that a large multi-club stand was a really valuable way of exhibiting at the dive show. Maybe again next year? 😉