The Big Oxford Dive Training Easter Holiday Boot Camp

29th March – 1st April

What is it ? : This year we hope to get everyone who’s currently taking the ocean diver course qualified to dive as early as possible – this way everyone then gets a whole year’s dive season to enjoy the water. We’re planning to spend the whole of the Easter bank holiday working everyone who can make it through their open water exercises and signing them off with a few experience dives to boot.

Where is it ? : The short answer is Weymouth. We’ll use the clubs amazing new boat and run shuttle dives out of Castletown harbour. This is a convenient location next to the aqua sports hotel, its cafe and the scimitar diving air station. Some dives may be run off the beach at Chesil cove but this is weather dependent and not essential.

What will happen ? : The plan is for everyone to assemble there each day and for Endeavour to pick up groups of instructors and their trainees to head out to the classic training dives of the area including the wrecks of the countess of Erne, the Old Dredger and the Blackhawk. If conditions allow we’ll keep diving all day and maybe even try for a night dive a few times. We’ll try to make sure everyone knows what is happening each day , who’s diving with who and what they’re doing, which boat wave they’re on and what they will need.

Where will we stay ? : Weymouth and Portland are holiday destinations and really very well provided with accommodation indeed. I’m going to be caravaning in the east fleet farm campsite. If you want a more luxurious accommodation there are many bed and breakfast places, hotels or at the other end of the spectrum there are a couple of bunk houses. Come see me if you’re wanting to know more or check out the ‘Oxford guide to Weymouth’ on the website.

Want to know more ?

Ask Chris ([email protected]) or Anjali ([email protected])