Swanage Snorkel Trip and BSAC 60th Celebrations

BSAC Diamond Jubilee celebrations

Sunday 8th September 2013

Well done to all those that came to Lulworth yesterday and a big thanks to those who helped out and parents who drove and hung out on the beach all day.

Now that’s history here’s the next one.

The plan for Sunday 8th September has changed slightly (for the better as I don’t have to get up so early)…

We will be meeting on Swanage pier at 10.30am. 

If you go on to the pier, passed all the divers and find the second bench down on the wooden part of the pier. Ruislip snorkelling club will already be there so we will be joining a large group of snorkellers. Please be aware of the amount of space we use up and be conscious of other pier users who don’t want to be tripping over our stuff all day.

You will need to pay a few pence (about 80p) to get on to the pier, please tell the man on the gate you are snorkellers as this makes it cheaper and keep your ticket for getting on and off the pier.

Please allow plenty of time to drive through Swanage and to park as it is Swanage folk festival that day


so it’s going to be hell to park.

If everyone arrives on time we will get a snorkel dive in before the photo shoot which is at 12 noon, if not, well, never mind, we have all afternoon.

I have strict instructions from the organisers of this photo shoot (Ruislip club) that we need to be in wetsuits, with mask, fins and snorkels ready at 12 noon for 12.15 in the water, and seriously it’s going to take at least 15 minutes to get 60 people down the small stone steps and organised into a shape of a ’60’ (glad I’m not organising this!)

After the photo shoot, we’ll have lunch then a couple of snorkel dives and maybe a lesson or two either under the pier or move round to Monkey beach.

Can you let me know if you are planning on coming down, need kit etc. so I have an idea of numbers.

This is the last snorkel dive of the year so the more the merrier, divers included, although you’ll have to put on snorkel kit for the photo- no tanks allowed!!

Normal stuff – bring packed lunch, warm clothes

Email, phone or catch Debbie at the club on Friday if you want more details.