Speaker’s Night: Emma Farrell

Freediving is the sport of Apnea, diving with just one breath of air. Emma is one of the world’s leading freediving instructors and the author of the stunning book One Breath: A Reflection on Freediving. She has taught thousands of people worldwide to freedive, including Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Terence Stamp.

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Funding Meeting 29th June 2011

Oxford BSAC Clubhouse, Lake Street, Oxford. 8.20 -10.20pm

In Attendance

Kat Hardman, Robbie Gray, Peter Kruip, Ian Banton, Phil Stubbs, Mark Martin, Andy Pickering, Mike Smith, Kathy Fletcher, Nick Allsworth, Brian Hallett, Gill Hallett, Jeannette Allsworth, Paul Garner, Steven Litchfield, Steve Johns, Anne Billington, Courtney Boutwell, Stuart Allen, Andy White, Brian Edwards, Andy Garner, Alex Gibson, Loli Smith, John Waterhouse, Gill Waterhouse.

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