Accelerated Decompression Techniques Course

The spec for the BSAC course is

Longer, safer bottom times and optimum decompression using rich mixes

Building on the foundation of Nitrox knowledge contained within Ocean Diver and Sports Diver training, the course develops this knowledge and in particular highlights the benefits that can be gained from using high oxygen mixtures to improve the efficiency of off gassing during decompression stops. This course takes your diving to a higher level.

Entry requirement

Entry level is BSAC Sports Diver who has completed the 2007 syllabus (with nitrox content) and has been endorsed as a Nitrox Diver, plus 20 additional dives including depth experience to 30 metres.

Alternatively, applicants must hold an acceptable diving and nitrox qualification with another agency which equates to the above standards. All students must hold gold standard buoyancy from the Buoyancy and Trim BSAC workshop.

What you’ll learn

The Accelerated Decompression Procedures course has a mix of classroom-based and practical lessons, teaching you:

• Knowledge of safe diving using Nitrox and accelerated decompression techniques

• Use of gas mixes up to 80% oxygen

• New concepts and skills

• Dive planning

Learning materials

Your course pack includes all the learning materials you need for the course. The pack includes: ‘Ox-Stop decompression tables’ (plus ‘Nitrox tables’ unless already BSAC Advanced Nitrox Diver), the ADP course manual and a Qualification Card application.

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Boat Handling Course Report


The Course

As the first stage to qualification for skippering the club boats the BSAC Boat Handler course is now being taught at Oxford BSAC. This equips trainees with the skills necessary to safely take charge of a vessel in open water. An additional 20 hours experience is required before then moving onto the Diver Cox’n (diver coxswain) course which then qualifies us to pick up divers and snorkelers. A bit of a palava, but it then means we are insured, which with an adventurous sport is a bit of a must.

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O2 Administration Course Report

o2_administration_Nov_09_011Fifteen members attended the O2 Administration Award skill development course on Saturday 7th November 2009 held at the clubhouse. The day was led by area coach Stephen Armitage with team comprising Chis Stevens (Oxford Branch) Mark Giddins from Wantage and Piotr Lukasik from the university club. Theory presentations covered Basic life support and 02 equipment with other sessions being very much hands on practising basic life support and oxygen administration.

All attendees were successful in attaining certification thus advancing their dive leader qualification and giving the club additional members qualified to assist in an emergency situation

o2_administration_Nov_09_007crpMany thanks to John Beer for all his efforts in organizing this course

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