Alex Expedition Plans

A table showing ideal slack times on the Alex across a range of weekends

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Dive Weekends (neaps)Days off NeapHW Devonport
Slack Alex1
2 Depart by:Suggestion
26th Feb311:38:00GMT10:38:00GMT08:38:00GMTAlex from Gemini
27th Feb413:22:00GMT12:22:00GMT10:22:00GMTGood project dive day
12th Mar109:04:00GMT08:04:00GMT06:04:00GMTTraining weekend ?
13th Mar210:09:00GMT09:09:00GMT07:09:00GMTTraining weekend ?
26th Mar-110:06:00GMT09:06:00GMT07:06:00GMTGeneral diving
27th Mar012:09:00BST11:09:00BST09:09:00BSTProject dive
9th Apr-109:31:00BST08:31:00BST06:31:00BST
10th Apr010:28:00BST09:28:00BST07:28:00BST
23rd Apr-310:04:00BST09:04:00BST07:04:00BSTTraining weekend ?
24th Apr-210:46:00BST09:46:00BST07:46:00BSTTraining weekend ?
7th May-408:45:00BST07:45:00BST05:45:00BST
8th May-309:20:00BST08:20:00BST06:20:00BST
21st May-309:16:00BST08:16:00BST06:16:00BSTDive Oxon – slack early
22nd May-210:06:00BST09:06:00BST07:06:00BSTDive Oxon – slack early
11th Jun114:25:00BST13:25:00BST11:25:00BSTTraining weekend ?
12th Jun215:30:00BST14:30:00BST12:30:00BSTTraining weekend ?
25th Jun013:50:00BST12:50:00BST10:50:00BSTIdeal project weekend
26th Jun114:50:00BST13:50:00BST11:50:00BSTIdeal project weekend
9th July112:42:00BST11:42:00BST09:42:00BSTIdeal project weekend
10th July213:53:00BST12:53:00BST10:53:00BSTIdeal project weekend
23rd July011:51:00BST10:51:00BST08:51:00BSTIdeal project weekend
24th July112:45:00BST11:45:00BST09:45:00BSTIdeal project weekend
6th August011:12:00BST10:12:00BST08:12:00BSTdrifting
7th August112:11:00BST11:11:00BST09:11:00BSTproject dive
20th August-110:16:00BST09:16:00BST07:16:00BSTTraining weekend ?
21st August010:49:00BST09:49:00BST07:49:00BSTTraining weekend ?
3rd Sep-109:57:00BST08:57:00BST06:57:00BSTRound the bill ?
4th Sep010:46:00BST09:46:00BST07:46:00BSTRound the bill ?
17th Sep-309:02:00BST08:02:00BST06:02:00BSTTraining weekend ?
18th Sep-209:28:00BST08:28:00BST06:28:00BSTTraining weekend ?
1st Oct-308:48:00BST07:48:00BST05:48:00BST
2nd Oct-209:34:00BST08:34:00BST06:34:00BST
22nd Oct214:29:00BST13:29:00BST11:29:00BST
23rd Oct315:34:00BST14:34:00BST12:34:00BST
5th Nov313:49:00GMT12:49:00GMT10:49:00GMTIdeal project weekend
6th Nov414:47:00GMT13:47:00GMT11:47:00GMTIdeal project weekend



  1. Slack time is middle of the slack – generally should aim to be in water by about 30 mins before this time
  2. Gemini leaving time assumes 1 hour journey and aim to arrive half an hour before 1st entry – 1 hour before slack.
1 Slack time is middle of the slack – generally should aim to be in water by about 30 mins before this time
Highlights in Blue are optimal slack weekends for diving the Alex

Red on pale green – good times for Gemini departure (not too early / late)