Statistics on the Alex van Opstal

A hold full of statistics about the Alex van Opstal, from code letters to dimensions…

Code letters: ONCH

Rigging: steel single screw motor passenger liner; 1 deck & Shelter Deck; 3rd deck forward of machinery space; 7 bulkheads; fitted with direction finder, echo sounding device & refrigareting machinery; cruiser stern; cellular double bottom 367 feet, 1,462 tons; Midship Tanks 42 feet, 1,294 tons; Forward Peak Tank 84 tons Aft Peak Tank 131 tons

Tonnage: 5,965 tons gross, 4,744 under deck and 3,447 net

Dimensions: 420 feet long, 57.1 foot beam and holds 26.4 feet deep; Poop 73 feet; Forecastle 48 feet

Construction: 1937, Nakskov Skibs. A/S, Nakskov

Propulsion: 2-stroke, single acting oil engine with 5 cylinders of 24 7/17 inches diameter each; stroke 55 1/8 inches; 1,026 nominal horsepower; engine by Akt. Burmeister & Wain, in Copenhagen

Owners: Compagnie Maritime Belge (Lloyd Royal) S.A.

Port of registry: Anvers