Alex van Opstal survey, 3rd and 4th December 2011

Alex van Opstal Survey Divewierd pressure vessel

I’m planning (weather-permitting) to run a survey dive on the Alex on the weekend of the 3rd & 4th December. Plan is to use the ‘new’ RIB out of Casteltown to shuttle to the dive site.

Dive plan (provisional):

Saturday 3rd

Dive 1
  • 0830hrs launch RIB and begin loading kit.
  • 0915 hrs all aboard , ropes off.
  • 0945hrs – arrive at Alex and deploy shot
  • 1010hrs divers in – start of slack – tide running SW 0.4 knots
  • 1100hrs divers up – second wave in
  • 1150hrs all divers recovered, pull shot and return to casteltown
  • 1230hrs lunch at castletown, air fills etc

Dive 2
  • 1415hrs load up and ropes off Head out to wreck fo the Binnendjk
  • 1435 hrs – arrive a ti site, locate and deploy shot
  • 1450 hrs kit up and bein dive, current running 0.45knots NE
  • 1535hrs – peak slack 0.23knots ESE
  • 1600hrs divers up, recover shot and return to casteltown
  • 1640hrs unload boat and recover up slipway.


Sunday 4th

Dive 1
  • 0900 launch RIb and load up
  • 1000hrs ropes off to head out to Alex site
  • 1035hrs arriove alex, deploy shot
  • 1100hrs divers in for first dive, current 0.49knots SE
  • 1140hrs divers up, second wave down peak slack 0.35knots{jcomments on} N
  • 1230 hrs current 0.56knots NE recover shot and return to castletown
Dive 2
  • 1400hrs load up and ropes off head out to dives site (TBA)
  • eta back at casteltown 1600hrs, recovwer boat , washdown if possible