Coronation Wreck / Plymouth Trip

coronation-wreck-thDay 1 (29/10/11) – Coronation Wreck

The Coronation was a 90-gun Second Rate Ship in Line that was wrecked in 1691 off Penlee Point, Cornwall. There are two main areas of wreckage, the offshore and inshore site. Below is information I have taken from the Coronation Wreck Project website,

‘The offshore site comprises of rugged rock formations and sand-filled gullies. The site is in a general depth of 18 – 20m and has some kelp and low level vegetable turf covering the area. A large variety of marine life inhabits the site. The site has seventeen cannon and three anchors within it…

The inshore site comprises of a very rugged and difficult coast line area of rock gullies with significant kelp forests. The site can only be worked with extreme difficulty during the summer months due to the density of the kelp forest. The current designated inshore area contains 59 guns and a further 3 anchors.’

I have asked if we can dive both sites on the Saturday and it shouldn’t be a problem if the weather is on our side.

Day 2 (30/10/11) – different dive sites

At the moment I am looking at organising 2 dives for the Sunday, the dive locations are still to be confirmed but below are the sites I have short listed. I will confirm the dive sites for the Sunday closer to the time. The information listed is from the Discovery Divers website,

HMS Scylla (11m-24m)

Europe’s first purpose sunk wreck gives divers the opportunity to explore an intact warship free from damage or decay and witness its development into a ‘living’ reef.

James Egan Layne (7 – 24m)

Large liberty ship sunk in world war 2 by a torpedo, probably one of the most famous wrecks in the UK, an excellent dive with an amazing variety of fish life and still recognisable as a large merchantman.

Hilsea point (9-25m)

A fantastic scenic dive with deep gullies and high pinnacles all complemented with an abundance of wild life, magic!!

Eddystone Reef / Hands Deep ( 0 – 55m)

These are excellent scenic dives with great visibility and an abundance of aquatic life. These reefs ascend from 55m to the surface and the amount of shipping that came to grief in this area before the building of the lighthouse is anybody’s guess!

Charter Details

£37.50 per days diving – money due by 07/10/11

£1.50 donation per dive on the Coronation

I have booked a charter boat through Discovery Divers based at Fort Bovisand, Plymouth. We will be using Discovery Divers both days as they are an approved charter company for the Coronation Wreck. Discovery Divers have two boats, one a hard boat (Red Alert) and the other an 11 metre RIB (Eclipse). Both are designed to take 12 divers but the hard boat has a lift where the RIB only has a ladder, both have toilets. I have asked if we can use the hard boat for the weekend. You can see a picture of the boats on the Discovery Divers website.

Between dives we will be brought back to the dive centre for refreshments and a surface interval. Discovery Divers run a dive shop where we can get air and Nitrox fills. If anyone would like to use Nitrox please let me know so I can inform Discovery Divers before the trip.

Air refill prices:

7-15 ltr at 232 bar £3.50

300 bar £4.50

10/12 ltr manifold twin set at 232 bar £7.00

300 bar £9.00

Pony cylinder at 232 £2.50


Discovery Divers also have accommodation on site which includes 6 twin en-suite rooms and a 4 bed en-suite bunk room. The twin rooms are £20 per person per night and the bunk house is £17.50 including bedding or £15 excluding bedding. All accommodation includes breakfast, items provided are; cereal, toast, fruit juice, tea and coffee.

If you would like to book one of the rooms please let me know so I can inform Discovery Divers before the trip.


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