Scouts Try-a-Dive Sessions

Taster Sessions for Scouts Planned for Autumn & Winter

Oxford Branch has reserved a number of evenings in the next few months for Scouts in the Oxfordshire area to come and try Scuba Diving.

These “mini Try-a-Dive” sessions allow Scouts to have a go with Scuba equipment in our pool with an instructor. Rather than the usual price, as these are mini sessions, the price is reduced to £10 per person. Numbers are limited to 12 scouts per evening.

If you are interested in attending, then please get in touch with our Try-a-Dive Co-ordinator. All dates are Friday Evenings and are based at our training pool at Radley College.


 4th October 2013   
 11th October 2013  33rd Kidlington 
 1st November 2013   
 8th November 2013  33rd Kidlington 
 10th January 2014  1st Standlake & Cokethorpe  
 14th February 2014  1st Standlake & Cokethorpe  
 14th March 2014  1st Stendlake & Cokethorpe  
 11th April 2014




All participants need to complete a Disclaimer & Booking Form beforehand, which for Scouts must be countersigned by a parent or guardian. They should also be confident swimmers, and also be aware that there are a number of medical conditions, listed on the form, that may preclude diving. No Form – No Diving!


While we do have a limit to the number of Scouts we can take in per evening, both due to the availability of Instructors and also the capacity of the pool, for the first few months we will be running sessions on back-to-back Fridays, so if you have a large number of Scouts interested then it can be split over two weeks.

By the way, we also take Leaders in, should they be interested.


While our plans are flexible, we would ideally like to send along a couple of Instructors to a Troop meeting before the day, so that we can explain what is planned and show the Scouts the Scuba sets they will be using.

On the day, the Scouts (and at least one Leader, to supervise) should arrive at Radley College Swimming Pool between 7pm and 7:15pm. We have the pool from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. Each Scout will have between 20 and 30 minutes in the water and are welcome to use the swimming lanes when they are not diving.

Following the pool session we meet at our clubhouse in Hinksey Park where certificates are presented to the participants. If this is not feasible, then the certificates can be handed out at the pool.


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