Winter Speakers Nights – Andy Torbet

FREE entry – open to the general public

Oxford BSAC is hosting a special selection of speakers over the winter season.
Join us for an exciting programme and hear about what’s up and coming in the world of diving.

 Next Up: Andy Torbet

8pm Thursday 5th December @ Oxford BSAC Clubhouse


As an extreme adventurer, Andy is a highly qualified climber, caver and diver. After completing a degree in Zoology he spent 10 years in the British Forces as a Bomb Disposal Officer, Diver and Paratrooper on operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Kosovo. Since he left the forces he has presented on programmes including Coast, Landward and The Adventure Show.

Andy will be talking about his experiences working with the BBC for the 2 part series ‘Operation Iceberg’: a ground-breaking expedition to the Arctic investigating the unknown world of icebergs, exploring the creation, life and death of these frozen behemoths; as well as sharing details of his exciting upcoming projects. 

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FREE entry – open to the general public