New Years Day Dive 2016

Hinksey Lake, Oxford

Three intrepid divers plumbed the not very icy (7°C) depths (2.5m) of Hinksey Lake on New Years Day 2016. Steve Litchfield, Andy Pickering & Howard Thomas completed a 30 minute dive in the fairly gloomy waters of the lake from the entry point next to the pontoons, over to the bridge and back.

Some wildlife in the form of Crayfish was seen as well as usual junk including bundles of newspapers, bits of bikes, traffic cones and beer cans. One item of treasure was raised, a goblet, although this didn’t even make it into the clubhouse due to the smell!

Litchy, Andy & Howard are now joint holders of the biggest bottom time for 2016, it’s now up to the rest of you to catch up!


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